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Zhukenova Zh.D. Artistic embroidery of the Kazakhs. Journal of Clothing Science. 2019; 4(2). Available at: (in Russian).

Artistic embroidery of the Kazakhs

Zhukenova Zhazira Dyusembaevna
Kazakh national university of arts, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Abstract. A special place in the folk art of Kazakhstan was taken by decorative embroidery – nowadays, coloring and tricks of technical fulfillment and manufactures with embroidery do not leave us indifferent. Tuskiyz (kazakh. – tu’s kііz) – Kazakh ornamented embroidered wall carpet. Traditional embroidery from the Kazakh language is performed mainly with chaining stitches, but there are some items with embroidered where it has satin stitch and golden sewing, chain stitch in combination with satin, cross-stitch basically used to decorate women’s hats, the influence of Slavic settlers in the early twentieth century. Traditional carpet tus kііz has a П-shaped and rectangular shape where the central lower part is not filled with masters of embroidery and the main emphasis of design is provided only in the curb design.

The author presents an exclusive material from a private collection – Kazakh embroidered carpets which representing the region of East Kazakhstan. The information obtained during the field expeditions was taken from the words of residents of villages. Unfortunately, after the lapse of time, the national memory did not preserve some of these data – these are the names of the skilled workers, the year and time, the technique of making embroidered carpets, therefore the information provided by the residents from memory and stories are approximate. The article pays special attention to the description of the characteristic features of tuskіyz, their compositional or technical methods and coloring. And these are not the only products in which were fully and powerfully manifested the poetic and figurative meaning and decorative gift of the Kazakh people. Traditional Kazakh embroidered carpet, chain embroidery, tradition, ornament, customs, ethnography, culture.

Keywords: traditional carpet; chain embroidery; tradition; ornament; customs; ethnography; culture

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