Journal of Clothing Science
Journal of Clothing Science


Remit of the Journal:

The costume, clothes, dress and toilet have always reflected both the inner world of a person, his social status, and the processes taking place in society, economy, culture and nature. Today the costume is seen both as a work of art, and as a completely utilitarian thing and as a multi-million business. The Journal of Clothing Science refers to this complex multidimensional concept, as an object of scientific research. Psychologists, sociologists, cultural specialists, historians, archeologists, linguists and even criminalists, here is far from a complete list of scientists who consider in their works the costume and its role in the life of society from the various points of view.

The main format of the Journal is the online publication. This format allows you to use color illustrations, include video clips in the text of publication, etc. without restriction The online publication gives the authors an opportunity to acquaint the whole world with their scientific work.

Goals and objectives of the journal

The main goal of Journal is to unite around the publication a community of researchers, the subject of scientific analysis of which is a COSTUME in all its great variety.

Journal objects:

  • formation and support of the scientific community working on problems related to the costume as a subject of scientific research;
  • development of the journal as a platform, enabling to publish the research results, evaluate them through the peer review institute and bring these results to the widest public;
  • presentation of the developments of great current interest in the field of costume and fashion studies for the scientific community and interested public.

You can publish an article in the journal in the following disciplines:

  • 05.19.00 Technology of materials and products of textile and light industry;
  • 07.00.00 Historical Sciences and Archeology;
  • 08.00.00 Economic sciences;
  • 09.00.00 Philosophical sciences;
  • 10.00.00 Philological Sciences;
  • 13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences;
  • 17.00.00 Art History;
  • 19.00.00 Psychological sciences;
  • 22.00.00 Sociological sciences;
  • 24.00.00 Culturology.

Our Journal:

  • is an electronic periodical, registered as a mass medium in Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs of the Press, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Mass Communication Media (the mass media registration certificate EL № FS77-67569);
  • according to GOST 7.83-2001 journal is a network electronic publication. It is an electronic publication available for potentially unlimited number of users via telecommunication networks;
  • all articles published in the journal are stored in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU;
  • The materials published in the journal are transferred to the Scientific Technical Centre «Informregistr» for registration and storage.

Open access journal

The Journal of Clothing Science is an open access journal, which means that all its content freely avaliable without charge to the user or his\her institution. Users are alowed to read, download, distribute, copy, print, search, or link to the full text of the papers, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior premission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of Open Access.

Open access means that the authors provide the results of their research (in the form of a full-text version of a scientific article) for a wide free-of-charge distribution through any mass media (open access). The Internet enables the largest possible number of stakeholders to learn the results of scientist’s work and use a reference to his work in the process of further work.

Our journal provides the direct open access to its content on the basis of the following principle: a free public access to the results of research contributes to increase in volume of the global exchange of knowledge.

Authors’ rights

The entire content of the Journal of Clothing Science is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY).

This license allows other persons to distribute, edit, correct and use your work as a basis, even on a commercial basis, as long as they indicate your authorship.

Advantages of the network scientific journal:

  • the publication capability of articles with a large volume of colored illustrations and multimedia forms, because the online format makes it possible not to limit the author’s needs in the most diverse forms for presentation of the scientific research results;
  • the article-by-article placement — the issue is formed gradually, the articles are posted on the journal’s website as they become available and reviewed;
  • the cost of publication does not depend on the number of pages — the volume of article is limited only by the framework of a reasonable approach to the necessary amount of material to cover the research conducted by the author;
  • the publication period is shorter — the editorial cycle is shortened due to the absence of a stage of typographical makeup, printing and distribution of copies to authors;
  • an access to articles from around the world and open-ended opportunities for dissemination of information — an article published in the network journal of free access can be sent in seconds flat to colleagues, uploaded to the organization’s website, placed on the social networks, at cetera.