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Uvarova Yu.N. (2016). Wardrobe Russian tsars and nobility during the holidays: the component parts of the costume, fabric, accessories (Based on the «palace discharges» and «Outputs of Kings») Part 1. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 1(1). Available at: (in Russian).

Wardrobe Russian tsars and nobility during the holidays: the component parts of the costume, fabric, accessories (Based on the «palace discharges» and «Outputs of Kings») Part 1

Uvarova Yulia Nikolaevna
Museums of the Moscow Kremlin, Russia, Moscow
Methodist of the first category

Abstract. This article describes the festive costume of Russian tsars and nobility of the XVII century. It is emphasized that the Russian tsars wardrobe was rich and varied: it included many types of ceremonial and casual wear, shoes, hats and accessories. For making robes used expensive foreign tissue: Venetian brocade — Aksamit double looped Aksamit, obyar chervchata (brocade bright scarlet), Spanish krezhevo etc. The author notes multilayered suit Russian nobility, one dressed in the clothes the other, the top worn without buttoning, to demonstrate the luxurious fabrics and expensive decoration. Much attention is paid to the festive costume of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, his wardrobe was particularly diverse and luxurious. The author describes the costume of Russian tsars and nobility for a variety of holidays, both religious and secular — receptions of foreign ambassadors, banquets, etc.

In the second part of the article analyzes the festive costume Russian queens. Queen also dressed up for the holidays in their wardrobe was listed ceremonial attire sovereign rank — charge and rich headgear. Like the clothes of the king, the queen payment was made from expensive bright brocade or velvet, decorated with lace, buttons and precious furry. It is noted that great importance was the face of the sovereign and his guests during a ceremonial feast. The extraordinary luxury and expensive overseas fabrics and gorgeous fur makes them valuable and desirable gifts for members of the royal family, and serving people. The author gives examples of such gifts the king’s children, Patriarch Filaret and the people of the king’s entourage.

The article used a wealth of historical material, «Journey antiohiskogo Patriarch Macarius in Moscow in the middle of the XVII century (1628-1631)» Aleppo Paul, «Description of travel in Muscovy» Archbishop Arseny Elassonskogo, «Outputs sovereigns kings and grand dukes Mikhail Romanov, Alexei Mikhailovich, Fedor Alekseevich, All Russia autocrats «palace discharges books

Keywords: wardrobe Russian tsars; Closet Russian nobility; Aksamit; brocade; caftan; «Palace discharges»; «The outputs of the Kings»

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