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Sichkar T.V. (2017). The economy of treasure as an indicator of cultural and industrial development of civilizations. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(2). Available at: (in Russian).

The economy of treasure as an indicator of cultural and industrial development of civilizations

Sichkar Tatiana Valentinovna
Institute of world civilizations, Russia, Moscow

Abstract. From the point of view of the encyclopedic concepts of «treasure» can be considered as a material or spiritual object. Clothing is a material object, filled with great spiritual content, which depends on many factors – geographical, territorial, historical, religious, gender, age, anthropological and other. The process of creating a garment is a synthesis of creative and scientific potential, and as a consequence national treasure of any civilization. The development of civilization of Japan and Russia reflects on transformation and identification of national clothes. The synthesis of spiritual and material wealth – this is the economy of the treasures of any civilization. Clothes in the life of any civilization plays the role of locomotive of the development of the textile industry. The textile industry played a prominent role in the economy of Japan throughout its history. Textile companies of Japan pay great attention to scientific developments associated with the use of resource-saving technologies. The most economical and resource-saving is relevatory method of production of knitted products or seamless products, which requires the use of modern knitting equipment. The Japanese company «Shima Seiki» is one of world leaders of development and production of the automated knittings machines for the individual features of figure.

Keywords: economy of treasures; civilization; national suit; silhouette of clothing; textile industry in Japan; knitted without seams; individual features of figure

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