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Dementev O.V., Nekhvyadovich L.I. (2019). Literary sources about semantics of stage costume of China (on the example of choreographic art of China of 1842–1945). Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 2(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Literary sources about semantics of stage costume of China (on the example of choreographic art of China of 1842–1945)

Dementev Oleg Vadimovich
Foreign languages school of Luoyang, Henan province, People’s Republic of China
Altai state university, Barnaul, Russia

Nekhvyadovich Larisa Ivanovna
Altai state university, Barnaul, Russia

Abstract. The article presents the main sources of the study of semantics in the course of changes of choreographic stage costume in China from 1842 to 1945. Among them are publications of both fiction and scientific literature. The sources selected in the course of the study of Chinese choreographic art, including folk and modern choreography in theatrical art, are supported by practical studies of Chinese, Russian and English scientists. As an additional material, confirming the description of clothing and costumes, the article provides links to museums and various attractions. Most of them are located on the territory of the ancient Chinese capital – Luoyang city, in Henan province. They are the main objects of attention and study of the cultural component of China, that is, material sources for the study and analysis of the semantic significance of national clothing and costumes.

The article is made on the basis of translation into Russian and artistic analysis of Chinese literature on art history, history of development of theatrical and choreographic arts. As well as on the basis of the world’s most famous Chinese works of art. To structure and justify the periodization of the article, additional scientific literature is used, which describes the history of China’s development in this period. The basis for the choice of the historical period of the study is the periodization of the development of choreographic art, which is used by Chinese scientists.

The article is a part of the dissertation research of one of the authors, the applicant of the degree of art history, and confirms the inextricable connection of scientific and fiction in the study of the national heritage of the country.

Keywords: China; stage costume; Han Fu; Chinese literature; Beijing Opera; military dance; dramatic dance; folk dance; Russian ballet; modern dance

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