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Amirzhanova A.Sh., Flerko E.D. (2019). Psychological and methodological aspects of the design process (for example, the development of an image in the Russian style). Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Psychological and methodological aspects of the design process (for example, the development of an image in the Russian style)

Amirzhanova Aina Shugaevna
Omsk state technical university, Omsk, Russia

Flerko Ekaterina Dmitrievna
Russian state vocational and pedagogical university
Omsk branch, Omsk, Russia

Abstract. In this article, the authors consider the design process from the perspective of both the design methodology and psychology. The process of creating a design product is considered to be a personal, creative and even chaotic process, and therefore not subject to systematization. Although sometimes this is true, such a stereotyping of the design process as “unknowable” is harmful, in our opinion, primarily from the point of view of the education of designers. If the creative process cannot be explained, it is therefore impossible to educate him. A detailed examination of the psychology and methodology of the process of creating a designer product (costume in the Russian style) allows you to create effective programs for training designers. This approach allows beginner designers to get a general idea of the creative process and further adapt it to their unique work style. The authors also attempted to analyze the conscious and subconscious stages of the creative process in order to obtain the most holistic picture of the designer. Based on the analysis, a graphic algorithm of the design process was compiled, which provides for both conscious actions of the designer and psychological processes that occur unconsciously, the understanding of which is necessary for the designer to work more efficiently. At the same time, according to the authors, the prescribed algorithms of action should not be applied in strict sequence, since it often happens that the preparatory stage begins not with the choice of a creative source, but with a modern model of clothing that the designer transforms to create an original image in the Russian style. Thus, the authors believe that the resulting algorithm is especially relevant as a source material for developing professional education programs for designers.

Keywords: image; Russian style; design product; fashion designer; decor; thinking; idea; design; décor

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