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Sokerina S.V. (2017). Ideas and images in the fashion industry: the origins of creativity. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(2). Available at: (in Russian).

Ideas and images in the fashion industry: the origins of creativity

Sokerina Svetlana Vyacheslavovna
Perm national research polytechnical university, Russia, Perm

Abstract. Creative, constructive approach to the fashion industry is one of the basic competences of couturiers and designers. The basic purpose of the creative process is the creation of new images, which are sometimes difficult, and the birth of the idea and its development enables you to find a new way, different from other models. At the same time, sometimes the birth of new ideas and images occurs easily and freely as if the idea was born even earlier, sometimes their creation contributes to the inspiration of a designer or work on the way, which includes finding ideas and its embodiment in real image, which is interesting for the consumer.
The main task of the author of the article is to identify the sources of creative process to create ideas and images in the fashion industry. The author classifies sources of creative approach, there is marked the formation technique of non-standard innovative thinking that will enable starting designers and couturiers to expand the opportunities for creativity, making new models and images, develop their professional competences and achieve a new level of professional development. This article may be useful for professional designers and couturiers in order to increase awareness of how they give birth to ideas and create new images that transform into new, modern models

Keywords: clothes design; ideas and images in fashion industry; creativity in fashion industry

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