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Tukhbatullina L.M., Dziyaudinova T.M. Design features for clothing for people with mobility impairments. Journal of Clothing Science. 2020; 5(1). Available at: (in Russian).

Design features for clothing for people with mobility impairments

Tukhbatullina Leysan Marselevna
Kazan national research technological university, Kazan, Russia

Dziyaudinova Tamara Magamedovna
Kazan national research technological university, Kazan, Russia

Abstract. Restriction of motor ability involves the use of adaptive clothing, which contributes to a more comfortable stay in it for people with limited motor abilities.

The article considers three groups of disability and gives recommendations on creating clothes for each of them. It was revealed that representatives of the first and second groups need adaptive clothing to a greater extent: diseases lead to the need to move in wheelchairs or using crutches, as well as to the need for specialized clothing with additional structural divisions, transforming elements or temperature-regulating inserts.

The authors of the article identify the factors causing the greatest inconvenience: the use of wheelchairs; sitting figures; the immobility of the lower limbs; active movement of the upper half of the body; lack of coordination of movements; a weak motor skills; inability to fully control motor coordination and muscle strength. Recommendations for the design design of adaptive clothing are given: the use of elastic and knitted materials and inserts from them; the use of a high corset belt, which will help to keep the back, helps to align the posture; designing clothing with removable cuffs on the forearm to avoid rapid wear. Design features include simple and light fasteners (Velcro, buttons, magnetic fasteners); – increase the entrance to the pants (place the zipper diagonally); wider trousers and soft lines cut.

The recommended design features contribute to the creation of adaptive clothing for people with limited motor abilities and allow you to reduce muscle load, dynamic load on the musculoskeletal system, avoid hypothermia of the extremities, feel more comfortable during the operation of such products.

Keywords: adaptive clothing; specialized clothing; design-design; construction; people with disabilities; design features; disability

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