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Savelyeva E.V. (2019). Soviet costume of the period of the Revolution and New Economic Policy as a sociocultural sign of age. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 2(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Soviet costume of the period of the Revolution and New Economic Policy as a sociocultural sign of age

Savelyeva Evgeniya Vadimovna
Moscow state university of food production, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. In modern science, much attention is paid to the issues of everyday history, which is part of global history. The costume is part of everyday history and the mirror that reflects the global political, socio-economic and cultural changes taking place in society. This relationship can be clearly seen in the example of Soviet Russia during the first years of the revolution. This determines the relevance of the work. The work shows the serious tasks set by the revolution before the young Soviet Republic. It was necessary not only to rebuild the entire political and economic system, but also to show the whole world the image of a new man – the builder of socialism, a citizen of the first state of the workers and peasants. In this case, the leading role was to belong to production artists who create the most diverse projects of the new Soviet domestic, professional costume. The article demonstrates a huge discrepancy and contradiction between what was created in the experimental laboratories of the costume and what people wore in real life. The author attempts to identify the causes of this discrepancy. Among the main reasons are World War and Civil War, disruption, the decline of industry, the inability to quickly start mass production of new types of clothing and the fear and unwillingness of officials to get involved in new “dubious” ideas. It is especially pointed out that it was difficult for our first fashion designers to understand the immediate needs of production and the true needs of consumers. However, one of the main reasons was the extremely low cultural level of the population, to which particular attention is paid in the article. The article is part of the author’s dissertation research on the transformation of costume in Russia in the period 1917–1921.

Keywords: Great Russian Revolution; New Economic Policy; production artists; fashion; costume; devastation; production; cultural level of the population

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