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Makarova T.L., Arkhangelʹskaya A.M. (2019). Masculinity of female images in perfume advertising. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Masculinity of female images in perfume advertising

Makarova Tatʹyana Lʹvovna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Arkhangelʹskaya Aleksandra Mikhaylovna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Abstract. A certain image has long developed in society, which was appropriated to the female representatives: tender, romantic, feminine, soft. But every year, women increasingly use elements of men’s wardrobe in their everyday and evening dresses. Thus, they move away from the stereotypical gender prejudice that a woman can look feminine not only in cute dresses and light blouses.

The article considers the concept of masculinity, defines the purpose and subject of research, gives a brief history of the formation of fashion for the use of men’s clothing by women. A list of the most popular men’s clothing, which is now widely used in female images, is compiled, a brief information about each of them is presented.

The article also considers masculine female images in advertising campaigns of modern perfumery brands for 2010–2019. Among the brands are considered as world-famous perfume brands, as well as personalized brands of Hollywood stars and ordinary mass-market brands. The collected material is analyzed and compiled into a table. Each of the masculine female images has been identified and characterized. The methods of constructing a female image in the advertising of perfume at different periods of time, the use of a particular subject of a man’s wardrobe in the image and the color scheme are determined.

Keywords: masculinity of the image; female image; perfume advertising; force; fashion; perfumery; sign; symbol; wardrobe items; clothes

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