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Petushkova G.I., Basyyrova A.S. (2019). Costume design: kinetic shaping. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 2(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Costume design: kinetic shaping

Petushkova Galina Ivanovna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Basyyrova Aynaz Salavatovna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Kinetic shaping in costume design is considered as one of the directions for the development of plastic shape characteristics in the process of its historical development. By analogy with the data of fundamental science, kinetics is considered as a process of transmitting to the viewer a new figurative information, as a means of studying the processes of shaping, morphological connection of the kinetics of a figure and form in a space of curvilinear symmetry. For the first time, the phenomenon of dissymmetry is considered, which has not been studied in costume theory, it has not been announced in research practice as a phenomenon. The analysis of the material under study allowed defining the role and significance of dissymmetry, introducing it into the motodological context of scientific knowledge and modeling the ideal model of the shaping process.

Keywords: kinetic shaping; physical mobility; the dynamics of the figure; kinetic transformation of the female figure; opto-kinetic transformation; human biomechanics; fashion locomotion

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