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Pallotta V.I., Sichkar T.V. (2019). Semiotics of organization, selection and use of images in advertising design. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 2(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Semiotics of organization, selection and use of images in advertising design

Pallotta Valentina Ivanovna
K.G. Razumovsky Moscow state university of technologies and management (the first Cossack university), Moscow, Russia

Sichkar Tatyana Valentinovna
Institute of world civilizations, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The authors of the article note the fact of monotony and inexpressiveness of visual forms of outdoor advertising, actually existing in the systems of urban environment, commercial and social advertising presented in a variety of printing forms. This is facilitated by the use of illustrative material represented by photographs and drawings. Graphic designers, designing advertising material does not make full use of semiotic design tools for its effective delivery. The article analyzes photography and drawing as a form of visual communication as a sign system in advertising design. Their communicative possibilities are revealed at the expense of the available meanings, meanings and their nuances, different code levels are noted that contribute to the formation of the semantic canvas of advertising information. The authors investigate the system of semiotic design of means of identification, selection and application of signs of physical factors of characters, their costumes, accessories, attributes, traditional coding techniques.

Keywords: graphic design; advertising; images; sign system; semiotics; visual communication

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