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Petushkova T.A., Belgorodskiy V.S. (2019). Photographic communications in fashion costume advertising. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Photographic communications in fashion costume advertising

Petushkova Tatʹyana Anatolʹevna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Belgorodskiy Valeriy Savelʹevich
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The article reviews the literature on the development of modern graphic design in line with the communicative paradigm. Against the background of the general issues of the development of modern graphic design, photography (light painting or the technique of drawing with light) is considered by various authors as a communicative tool, as an element of visual information, as a “media visual object” with a complex structure and communicative mechanism, as a “secondary design form”, synonymously identified with the design form of a thing, like a “semantic window”, limited by the angle of vision of the person himself, the boundaries of the printed image or screen, which contains its own semantic reality. It is argued that mass photographic communications carry the hypnotism of a real object, presented within the framework of the cultural paradigm of its time as a socially constructed reality in two versions: the message “without code” – a literal demonstration of the object and “encoded message”, as an artistic image created according to certain the rules. It is shown that modern advertising design fulfills an ideological mission in society and today an expanded set of specific functions in their semantic expression is noted.

Keywords: graphic design; visual information; visual and graphic communication; advertising design; the photo; mass photographic communication techniques; media visual object; semantic window; artistic image; compositional analysis; fashion brand

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