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Kamalieva A.S. Regional features of the technique and ornament of Bashkir tambour embroidery. Journal of Clothing Science. 2020; 5(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Regional features of the technique and ornament of Bashkir tambour embroidery

Kamalieva Aigul Salavatovna
Institute of education development of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russia

Abstract. The article is devoted to the Bashkir chain-link embroidery, special attention is paid to its northeastern variety. The article is based on the materials of scientific research carried out on the territory of the Belokataysky district in 2020.

The article examines the varieties of vestibule embroidery in the historical territory of the Bashkir residence, including the neighboring regions – the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions. The types of chain stitches, features of embroidery techniques with a needle and a special hook are shown. The differences in the ornament of all types of Bashkir chain-link embroidery are revealed. Kuskarny embroidery and embroidery based on the use of a plant motif are briefly described.

Separately, information is presented on the tambour embroidery of the north-eastern Bashkirs. This is the first time that material about the patterning of the Belokataisky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan is published. In the course of the research, a large number of embroidered ornaments on aprons and dresses were collected. The article shows the traditional cut of Bashkir clothing, decorated with a vestibule, a sweep of details of the cut of products, methods of processing some knots in clothes. Included are color images of ornamental compositions, features of embroidery with an ordinary tambour are described. The content of the article includes schematic images of the ornament embroidered on Bashkir aprons and dresses; highlighted the typical ornamental elements adopted in the vestibule embroidery of the Belokataysky region. Highlighted the traditional for this region ways of indicating the date of manufacture of things. The originality of the color scheme of the vestibule embroidery is described on the example of the exhibits of the Museum of History and Local Lore of the Belokataisky District. The difference in the technique of performing chain stitching in the works of the middle of the twentieth century is revealed. and the present.

Keywords: a costume; a decoration; the Bashkir costume; the Bashkir clothing; dresses; Bashkortostan; a tradition; a technique; design; tambour embroidery; tambour; Belyanka; Belokataysky district


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