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Dokuchaeva O.I. Design features of the fashionable assortment of knitwear. Journal of Clothing Science. 2020; 5(3). Available at: (in Russian).

Design features of the fashionable assortment of knitwear

Dokuchaeva Olga Ivanovna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Abstract. This article is devoted to the review, analysis and selection of constructive novelties in modern knitwear products, to which fashion has made its own changes. Many of the trends of the current season remain and continue to evolve or change. For example, asymmetry of cut or deconstructivism, as well as a fundamentally new assortment, which are developing as separate brands in knitwear. Features of the design of knitted garments are associated with the properties of knitted fabrics and features of knitted fabrics. In knitwear it is impossible to obtain such a variety of shapes as in products made of fabrics, since due to the properties of the material (greater looseness, plasticity, the special nature of folds during drapery, large thickness, etc.), it is impossible to achieve clear silhouette and constructive lines forming the basis of the form; in addition, due to the extensibility, looseness and complexity of the edge processing, numerous details, seams and special fittings are not recommended.

The purpose of the article is to form knowledge and professional competencies in mastering the principles of designing new clothing models, modern methods of creating their designs, acquiring practical skills in designing knitwear using well-known examples of fashion. Fashion trends for the period spring-summer 2020–21 were analyzed, which were quite clearly manifested in many collections, and a classification table was compiled according to the methods of their design.

Keywords: jersey; assortment groups; new trends in design work; style; manner of presentation

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