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Cherunova I.V., Stenkina M.P. (2019). Thermal protective equipment with the function of the transformable thermoregulation. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Thermal protective equipment with the function of the transformable thermoregulation

Cherunova Irina Viktorovna
Don state technical university
Institute of service and entrepreneurship (branch), Shakhty, Russia

Stenkina Maria Petrovna
Don state technical university
Institute of service and entrepreneurship (branch), Shakhty, Russia

Abstract. Active development of regions with cold climates, both in Russia and abroad, leads to the necessary to develop mobile clothing designs to protect people from low temperatures. Mobility means the ability to quickly change the functional effect of the product depending on the needs of the user. The authors developed and presented a new heat-protective equipment – transformable jacket-sleeping bag with the function of thermoregulation. The design solution allows to change the localization zone of additional heating, taking into account the physiological characteristics of a person during sleep and wakefulness. The article presents the rationale for the temperature regime of the human body, which is not constant during the day. The concept has been presented for a sewing product with a mobile temperature-controlled function. The method of transforming the jacket into the sleeping bag has been presented, taking into account controlled temperature regulation in various conditions. The model-constructive solution of the jacket-sleeping bag is offered. The thermoregulated part of a design is presented by a removable vest with heating capable, that can be transformed into into mobile elements of the design. Heating is provided by heating threads distributed over the surfaces. Methods of technological processing are developed to realize ways of transformation and mobile change of thermal zones of new equipment. The main recommended materials are offered for the manufacture of a new product, taking into account modern market opportunities. Modern manufacturers of temperature-controlled clothing are presented, taking into account the possibility of controlling and changing the product heated zone. The model and technical solution of the developed heat-protective equipment with the function of transformable thermoregulation is registered in the Federal Institute of industrial property. The article is a part of the dissertation research.

Keywords: heat-protective equipment; thermoregulation; microclimate; design; heat-protective clothing; jacket; sleeping bag; transformation; body temperature; sewing technology

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