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Denisova O.I. (2019). Features of working with corporate colors in the design of a corporate uniform. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Features of working with corporate colors in the design of a corporate uniform

Denisova Olga Igorevna
Saint Petersburg state university of industrial technologies and design, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Abstract. The article discusses the polemic aspects of the reflection in the design of a corporate uniform of the identifying, communicative and symbolic functions of company colors, regulated by the existing brand identity. To solve the problem of ensuring the matching of color samples of textile materials with the color indices of identity, the possibilities of using a color grouping system specialized in the textile sector according to the parameters of a psychological equal-contrast system – a color atlas developed by the All-Union Center for the Development of the Product Range of Light Industry, Fashion and Clothing Culture are revealed. Due to possible problems of decoding non-verbal information by the company’s customers, restrictions were imposed on the use of alternative color handling techniques during the configuration of uniform materials: a color correction scheme was developed within one threshold for distinguishing lightness and color saturation, which is approximately defined as a step in the location of the color tone on the map of the specified atlas colors. To optimize the search for the most correct solution when choosing from a number of alternatives in the case of iterative returns and finalizing the uniform project during the implementation of the previously developed project activity algorithm, aspects of eliminating color dissonance are examined: the classification of color contrasts by J. Itten shows the possibilities of practical implementation of the harmonization of compositional solutions by enhancing various types of color contrast. Based on the non-verbal communicative and symbolic functions of the color of branded clothing, the leading role of the contrast of color distribution in eliminating the disharmony of color solutions is revealed. Based on the results of scientific research in the field of color science, the possibilities of working with the contrast of forms in the search for a silhouette and constructive solution to the uniform in conjunction with its regulated color scheme are considered.

Keywords: identity; color contrast; color harmony; color palette; color symbolism; sign; identification

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