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Pavlova S.V., Afanasieva I.V. (2019). Manufacturing technology of transformable women’s clothing. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Manufacturing technology of transformable women’s clothing

Pavlova Svetlana Vladimirovna
Chuvash state pedagogical university named after I. Yakovlev, Cheboksary, Russia

Afanasieva Irina Valerievna
Chuvash state pedagogical university named after I. Yakovlev, Cheboksary, Russia

Abstract. The article discusses the manufacturing technology of transformable women’s clothing, in particular, women’s summer jackets. Women’s transformable clothing is in great demand today, because it is multifunctional, ecological and convenient. One part of the costume can be transformed into another, which makes it possible to create many options for your own outfit in different style decisions, create a unique image and remain stylish in any situation. The conversion is achieved through the design of removable and detachable parts, and through the use of a variety of zippers, buttons, snappers, hooks, braid, buckles and so on.

The client, buying one piece of transformable clothing, in fact, acquires several products similar to each other in material and color combination, but different in assortment and purpose. The manufacturer, developing and releasing clothes on the basis of a whole transformable piece of fabric, acquires significant benefits due to material savings, because the waste of the material used in this case is almost absent.

The article presents three color sketches of models. The authors described the development of the manufacturing technology of a women’s transformable jacket that can be converted into a vest and trousers (Model A), gave recommendations on the choice of the main and lining material (cotton fabric – chintz, adhesive material, hot-glue lining material), accessories (braid-zipper, sewing threads, cord, lugs) and cut parts. In addition, normative and technical documentation is given, which is used in manufacturing of women’s summer transformable jackets.

The transformable product is always relevant due to its diversity and the period of its use is extended.

Keywords: transformable clothing; transformable jacket; women’s clothing; technological documentation; processing methods; technological process; details of the transformable jacket

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