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Flerko E.D. , Amirzhanova A.Sh. (2019). «Russian traditions» in modern design. Theoretical research analysis. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

«Russian traditions» in modern design. Theoretical research analysis

Flerko Ekaterina Dmitrievna
Russian state vocational and pedagogical university
Omsk branch, Omsk, Russia

Amirzhanova Aina Shugaevna
Omsk state technical university, Omsk, Russia

Abstract. In this article, the authors argue that the increased interest in the Russian tradition in various areas of design is associated with large-scale political and economic events taking place in the world. In connection with the solid position that Russia occupies, this interest has become more and more constant. According to many researchers, the Russian style has proved itself mainly in architecture and in the arts and crafts. In this regard, in the presented article, the authors, taking into account existing points of view, try to analyze the role and place of Russian tradition in modern design. One of the important manifestations of the Russian tradition belongs to the ornament. According to some researchers, the ornament that is being created these days is no longer a product of the living creativity of a certain society and certain traditions. Therefore, many designers are inclined to believe that the use of ethnic motifs and elements, including ornament, in modern design is acceptable, reasonable and necessary, because ornament is not only and not so much a way of reviving traditional culture, but also as a working tool that is necessary to evoke the necessary associations in the viewer (or consumer). The authors also analyze the points of view of some researchers about the use of Russian traditions in the design of modern clothes in the context of other «national» design styles, for example, Japanese. Those. the authors of the article believe that Russian designers are not able to repeat this approach after Western designers, but can find a new interpretation of the Russian style through the symbols of Russian culture, as the designers R. Kawakubo, J. Yamomoto and I. Miyake did with Japanese culture. In their opinion, this attempt will prepare the basis for creating a conceptual fashion school with a pronounced national poetics.

Keywords: Russian style; tradition; ornament; graphic design; culture; image; traditional costume; modern design

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