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Nozdracheva T.M. (2019). Improvement of design and technological solutions of clothing with elements of posture correction. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 2(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Improvement of design and technological solutions of clothing with elements of posture correction

Nozdracheva Tatiana Mishailovna
Southwest state university, Kursk, Russia

Abstract. The relevance of the research topic is due to the increasing pace and scale of the spread of orthopedic diseases. A significant place among them is occupied by curvature of the spine, in particular posture disorders, especially in children. In this regard, the search for solutions to this problem is an urgent task for specialists in various fields, including clothing designers. Along with the therapeutic and physical methods of treatment of this disease, it is generally recognized that the use of special clothing – posture correctors. The lack of effectiveness of the results of posture correction when wearing existing correctors, as well as shortcomings such as excessive pressure on the shoulders, low ergonomic and aesthetic performance, etc., suggest the need for further research on the development of improved models of products for this purpose. The aim of this work was to develop new types of preventive clothing correcting posture for everyday use by children of primary school age, increasing the efficiency and comfort of their use. The results of the research allowed to establish the most promising, in the opinion of the author, areas of improvement of structural and technological solutions of posture correctors. These include the design of clothing that combines the functions of school uniforms and posture correctors, optimization of structural and technological solutions, improvement of ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics. The article presents new design and technological solutions of clothing for schoolchildren correcting posture, allowing to improve the manufacturability, optimize the geometric parameters of the design, improve the performance of products, their ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics, as well as the efficiency of use. Variants of the corrective products developed by us can be made in the conditions of mass production on standard technologies on the standard equipment.

Keywords: orthopedic diseases; posture disorders; correct posture; posture corrector; constructive and technological solution of correctors; removable corrective pad; elastic bands

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