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Grekova A.R., Kachan I.V. Issues of digitalization in costume design. Journal of Clothing Science. 2021; 6(1). Available at: (in Russian).

Issues of digitalization in costume design

Grekova Aksana Revovna
Siberian federal university, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Institute of architecture and design

Kachan Irina Vitalʹevna
Siberian federal university, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Institute of architecture and design

Abstract. In 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation set before the light industry the task of increasing its contribution to Russia’s GDP through import substitution, developing domestic demand and realizing export potential. In the modern world, according to the authors of the article, this cannot be done without the global digitalization of the industry. Only by anticipating the requirements of the consumer, skillfully adapting to new markets, new technologies can and should keep pace with the times, ensuring sustainable growth rates in the system of the fashion industry. Therefore, the main goal of this work is the authors’ attempt to understand the features of the IT technologies offered by the fashion industry. For this, the article analyzes a sample of the current software market developed for the design and manufacture of clothing, considers the IT capabilities of modern CAD systems. The authors are aware that with the changes in the production area, the requirements for specialists, in particular, for costume designers, will inevitably be transformed. For this reason, the article attempts to formulate the need to introduce digital content into educational technologies. This, according to the authors, will significantly expand the range of professional capabilities of specialists, allowing them to coordinate and control several work processes in real time, providing the ability to test their developments without making prototypes. The article provides a balanced presentation of information about the features of existing CAD systems used to optimize the processes of manufacturing consumer goods in general, and clothing, in particular, focusing on the priorities of 2D, 3D technologies.

Keywords: fashion industry; education in the fashion industry; costume design digitalization; costume design software; digital technologies; 3D modeling

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