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Muzalevskaya Ju.E.Communication concepts of «costume» and «vestimentarnaya fashion». Journal of Clothing Science. 2017; 2(3). Available at: (in Russian).

Communication concepts of «costume» and «vestimentarnaya fashion»

Muzalevskaya Julia Evgenevna
Saint Petersburg state university of industrial technologies and design, Russia, Saint Petersburg

Abstract. The article analyzes the concepts of «costume» and «vestimentary fashion». In most literary, scientific and journalistic sources, writing about the costume, the concept of «fashion» behind the scenes of a meaning «costume fashion». Thus, there is obviously improper handling of the broader concept of «fashion», which includes many different areas. Remember the definition of «fashion». This variability in people’s tastes for consumer goods and lifestyle. Under the articles of consumption can be understood and automobiles, and real estate, and mobile phones, and much more. So why, the concept of «fashion» became firmly associated directly with the costume? How true this operating concept? The article proposes to consider another concept, namely, «vestimentary fashion,» which, the author believes that most accurately reflects the meaning of the phenomenon. Vestimentary fashion is regarded as a fashion direction associated with the costume. Therefore, the author proposes to use this definition in the scientific revolution, at the mention of «costume fashion».

Keywords: costume; fashion; vestimentary fashion; culture

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