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Sosnina N.O., Gerasimova Ju.L., Tolmacheva P.A. The concept of Oversize in fashion. Journal of Clothing Science. 2019; 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

The concept of Oversize in fashion

Sosnina Natalya Olegovna
Omsk state technical university, Omsk, Russia

Gerasimova Julia Lvovna
Omsk state technical university, Omsk, Russia

Tolmacheva Polina Alekseevna
Omsk state technical university, Omsk, Russia

Abstract. This article analyzes the reasons for the appearance of the concept of oversizing in fashion, social changes that determine the main discourse of the concept at different stages of its formation process, its main characteristics and signs. The objective of the study is to highlight the social, cultural, psychological and economic reasons for the popularity of the concept of “oversize” in a modern fashion design.

The study revealed that as the modern costume develops, the concept of oversize is gradually and consistently developing. The authors identify the main time periods that are key to the concept’s development, and in which the signs of oversizing trend are most noticeable and interesting. The authors note that the principles of oversize, along with others, played a significant role in the formation of new principles and approaches in the shaping of costumes throughout the twentieth century.

Thus, the article focuses on issues related to a qualitative change in the shape of the garment. The authors identify the most significant, in their opinion, designers whose work influenced the concept of oversize, and who reflected it most meaningfully and vividly. The authors also consider the phenomenon under study to be closely interconnected with such concepts as conceptual design, cocooning, and agender, or gender neutral fashion.

One of the important aspects of the article is the concept of comfort, as one of the essential characteristics of oversized clothing: psychological, physiological, emotional, etc.The study of this topic allowed the authors to conclude that relevance and prospects of using the principles of oversize in designing a modern suit are of high importance and provide great opportunities within working in different assortment groups, as well as in clothes for various purposes: from casual to smart, from light assortment to outerwear.

Keywords: overseas; style; costume; fashion; large sizes; comfort; conceptual design; innovative shaping

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