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Denisova O.I. (2019). Development of a theoretical model for designing a corporate uniform based on an analysis of its purpose. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 2(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Development of a theoretical model for designing a corporate uniform based on an analysis of its purpose

Denisova Olga Igorevna
Saint Petersburg state university of industrial technologies and design, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Abstract. Based on the analysis of identifying features and functions of the uniform from the standpoint of various clothing classification systems, a definition of the term “uniform” is proposed, taking into account its role in the marketing strategy of the organization where the dress code is introduced. It has been established that, conceptually, any production, household, sports clothing regulated in an organization with applied identity elements can be considered as a corporate form. The article highlights the main elements of identification of the professional sphere used in the design of uniforms, suggests their classification, as well as examines their rethinking and modification situations and identifies the need for continuous improvement (rebranding) of the corporate uniform, which leads to its design as a cyclic process. Based on the task of adaptation under the vision of the client organization of decision-making mechanisms in the unformalized area of corporate clothing design, a hypothesis was put forward about the integration of the marketing models Hypothesis, Action, Data, Insights (Hypothesis-Action-Analytics-Conclusions) and Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (“Intersectoral Standard Process for Data Research”) and their adaptation to the particularities of garment design. The theoretical model for designing a corporate uniform created on the basis of these models is a toolkit for the effective implementation of the requirements of the customer organization, and also makes it possible to orient the process of developing uniforms towards achieving maximum project efficiency using quantitative indicators of analytics. The proposed model of designing corporate uniforms effectively reflects the influence of such a project factor, such as the company’s vision of the uniforms of its employees from the standpoint of business promotion, since when selecting possible design solutions it is possible to consider not only the novelty of the design decisions, but also how they are coordinated with the company’s mission, strategy development in a competitive professional environment.

Keywords: uniform; dress code; design; corporate identity; terminology; marketing model; classification

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