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Makarova T.L., Lakizenko E.D. The image of a flower in a modern costume design. Journal of Clothing Science. 2020; 5(1). Available at: (in Russian).

The image of a flower in a modern costume design

Makarova Tatʹyana Lʹvovna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Lakizenko Elizaveta Dmitrievna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Abstract. «Flower» is one of the most ancient symbols of the brevity and fragility of being and perfection, closely related to the cycle of life and death. The image of the flower is quite multifaceted and is found in almost every religion. Flower is an ambivalent symbol of male and female origin: in Europe the pion and rose are male images, and in the East – on the contrary, female. In Japan, the pion was even named «husband» or «king» among flowers. Depending on the kind of flower, it is given different values and there is a whole language of colors.

According to a marketing study conducted as part of the writing of the master thesis on «Fairy Tale as a Way of Visual Communication in Modern Costume Design», 106 (53 %) out of 200 respondents agreed with the statement that familiarity with the surrounding world child starts with a fairy tale.

Designers of leading fashion houses often draw their inspiration in fabulous images familiar to us from the very childhood and the image of the flower is no exception. Complex analysis of icon material for eleven years from 2009–2019 allows to boldly claim that this image is found on the podium quite often and does not lose its relevance for many years. Since 2009, the image of the flower in models of famous designers has undergone large-scale changes. Pastel shades, light weightless fabrics, flower applications from 2017 to 2019 are displaced by catchy and juicy combinations, silhouettes and outlines resembling exotic flowers, and by 2020 a calm color gamut is returned, prints complement the image and make it more recognizable.

In order to identify the dominant elements of the image, 800 photos from podium screenings from 2009 to 2020 were analyzed. Of the 800 photos analyzed, the image of the flower is read in 60 % of the collections of designers, which is due to the unabated interest in the representatives of flora, stressing the femininity, tenderness and innocence of the representatives of the beautiful sex. The image of the flower, having a long history, both in mythology and religions, and in fairy tales, is a favorite source of inspiration for the world ‘s designers.

Keywords: design; costume design; fairy-tale; fantastic images; images; flower image; flower symbol

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