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Makarova T.L., Samsonova N.D. Red and orange in modern advertising image. Journal of Clothing Science. 2022; 7(1). Available at: (in Russian).

Red and orange in modern advertising image

Makarova Tatiana Lvovna
Moscow Institute of Art and Industry, Moscow, Russia

Samsonova Nadezhda Dmitrievna
«Zara Home» LLC, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. In advertising communication, color is important as an integral component of the image. The art disciplines studied by students of humanitarian universities are aimed at teaching designers and artists to work with color as an object that can influence a person’s perception of different design objects. The same object in an advertisement for a product or service in different colors very quickly receives a response from the viewer in the form of a purchase decision. The history of the use of color by people dates back thousands of years, but in modern (European) advertising, color often does not have the same meanings as in the culture of different peoples. In this article, the authors outlined the roles and semantics of red and orange colors in an advertising image. It is concluded that in the period 2001–2016 red color most often played the role of an indicator of brightness, sexuality, individuality. The color red is equally common in both food and fashion ads. It was revealed that regardless of the year and type of activity of manufacturing companies, the following characteristics are found almost everywhere: bright, movement, orange, creative, positive, rest, sunny. It is concluded that a number of meanings of these colors are similar, but, in general, red is more “categorical”, and orange is more “cooperative” in terms of the meanings perceived from the given examples.

Keywords: advertising image; color in advertising; color of advertising; color in design; red color in design; orange color in design; red color; orange color; symbolism of color. image symbolism; advertising symbolism; color semantics; color pragmatics; artistic image; color image

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