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Laputina M.V. , Dokuchaeva O.I. (2019). Art design of knitwear on the basis of use of objects of bionics. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Art design of knitwear on the basis of use of objects of bionics

Laputina Marina Viktorovna
CHOBI, Moscow, Russia

Dokuchaeva Olga Ivanovna
Russian state university named A.N. Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art), Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Relevance of work. Now there is an imperative need of a research of regularities of bionics from positions of structure of knitted cloths and products from them.

The relevance is emphasized with need of identification of new technological capabilities of modern production of knitwear and also creation of new types of the range of knitted products. Presently a general computerization the appeal to the nature, bionics I am an inexhaustible source of information that confirms relevance of a subject. Those most of which adequately display the external and structural organization of a knitted cloth by analogy with a biological object were chosen from variety of theoretical concepts (Yu.S. Lebedev, T.V. Belko, T.V. Kozlova, A.V. Korytov, etc.) in work. The purpose of work is the research of bionic structures for creation on their basis of modern knitted interlacing’s and new forms of a suit. Development of the theoretical methods defining trends of development of modern knitted structures and their influence on a suit form with use of regularities of bionics.

Keywords: the analysis of objects of bionics; knitted structures and models from positions of the theory of symmetry

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