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Fedorova I.A. (2019). On the features of the women’s Chuvash national headgear making. Journal of Clothing Science, [online] 4(4). Available at: (in Russian).

On the features of the women’s Chuvash national headgear making

Fedorova Iraida Alekseevna
I. Yakovlev’s Chuvash state pedagogical university, Cheboksary, Russia

Abstract. In the article, the author brought up the urgent problem of studying and preserving national traditions in handicraft, reveals the features of the women’s Chuvash national headgear making. The article provides a brief historical account of the national clothes of the Chuvash people living in the Volga region. The author writes that the formation and development of the Chuvash folk costume occurred under the influence of many factors, mostly the place where the Chuvash lived, who adopted many little things and details of their closest neighbors’ clothes. The author of the article writes that Chuvash clothes at all times were distinguished by their originality, although there were some similarities between the individual elements of other nationalities’ clothing living on the middle Volga. The author emphasizes that the Chuvash headgears are a unique phenomenon in the national culture. Unusual women’s hats decorated with embroidery, beads, and coins are some of the most recognizable elements of the Chuvash clothes.

The author described in detail the technology of making the Chuvash headgear of tukhya in the form of an instructional and technological map. The map contains photographs of the headgear step-by-step implementation. For the making of tukhya, the author suggests using beads of red or purple, green, yellow, white; coins of various sizes; strong (reinforced) threads of red and white colors; special hand bead needles with a small eye. In order to increase labor productivity, it is recommended to use a sewing machine in the process of making the basis for tukhya.

This article will be useful for those who study national traditions in the arts and crafts, and seeking to preserve the experience gained over the years in making of tukhya.

Keywords: national traditions; handicraft; Chuvash national clothes; headgears; girl’s headgear; tukhya; beadwork

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