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Nechaeva A.S., Nekhvyadovich L.I. Semiotics of national costume in the system of Altai traditional culture. Journal of Clothing Science. 2020; 5(4). Available at: (in Russian).

Semiotics of national costume in the system of Altai traditional culture

Nechaeva Anna Sergeevna
Altai state university, Barnaul, Russia

Nekhvyadovich Larisa Ivanovna
Altai state university, Barnaul, Russia

Abstract. Being a stable element of traditional folk culture, the national costume serves as a source of useful information for the scientific community, artists, folk artists and the general public. The study of the decoration of the Altai national costume is relevant both in the study of the history of Altai and in the process of the formation of modern ethnocultural traditions. Fixed gestures and images in the outline of ornamental motifs are symbolic, defining the connection with semantic meanings. The article examines the sign functions of clothing and the semantics of ornamental motifs in the national costume of the Altaians from the standpoint of the semiotics of art. Due to the versatility of clothing, it is a representative source for the study of the ethnic culture of the Altaians and performs both ethno-differentiating and ethno-integrating functions. The authors analyze the state of scientific elaboration of the topic, various types of national clothes of the Altaians, basic ornamental motives and traditions of their application in the decor of the national costume. The sign and symbol determine the coding properties of the traditional costume and ornament as a sign-symbolic language in the interpretation of the rhythms of the universe in cultural rituals. A person is able to generalize and create relationships of forms and the style of transformation of signs and symbols according to aesthetic canons in the rhythm of his time and ethnoculture. The semiotic approach to the analysis of images and shapes reveals new aspects of the decoration of the Altai traditional costume. The semiotics of the national costume is studied as an integral and indivisible process of cultural genesis, which has its own laws, specificity and language.

Keywords: national costume; ornament; semiotics; traditional culture; Altai ornament; symbol; sign


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