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Aksenova-Sh. L.V. Portrait as a means of composition of the modern costume. Journal of Clothing Science. 2019; 4(2). Available at: (in Russian).

Portrait as a means of composition of the modern costume

Aksenova-Shablovskaia Liudmila Vladimirovna
Saint-Petersburg state university of industrial technologies and design, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Institute of fashion design
Institute of design and fine arts

Abstract. The article is devoted to the use of the portrait genre in art as a basis for creating original ornamental compositions in the design of a modern costume. In the process of studying the collections of designers, models were singled out, the compositional solution of which was based on a portrait image as an ornamental motive. The article is illustrated with works of the portrait genre, which served as the primary source of the ornamental image, making it possible to evaluate the nature of the use of a certain portrait in a particular fashionable image.

The article reflects the various styles of portrait art, based on which the designer can work on the creation of runway looks. These examples demonstrate the possible range of interpretation of the portrait in accordance with the style and technique of its implementation: oil painting, graphics, portrait in the pop art style, photo portrait – in contemporary fashion.

The results of the analysis of the collections of fashion designers presented in the article are a good example of the use of portrait art in the development of ornamental motifs of various compositional organizations. The development of sets of clothes and individual products, whose compositional center or expressive element of the decor is a portrait, is an effective and promising method of forming a recognizable lineup.

The use of graphic and pictorial images by designers in the composition of a modern costume confirms the relevance of the creative adaptation of this source of inspiration for designing runway models that meet the latest fashion requirements and trends.

This article presents some of the results of scientific research conducted by the author in the preparation of a thesis on the forms of use of portrait art of the Renaissance in modern fashion collections.

Keywords: fashion; portrait; composition; costume; fashion designer; catwalk collection; ornamental motif

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